About Us


Little Miss Do It All is an Eco Holistic Cleaning company with an edge!

Our domestic cleaning service is for busy people desperate for, a calming, clean and clear home environment and more time and headspace for the things that really matter.

We offer domestic eco cleaning with a holistic approach for both client and cleaner, ‘Smudging’ (home energy clearing) and decluttering.



You deserve to be taken care of! We match you with one of our happy cleaners to take care of your home, with the intention of doing GOOD for you and serving YOU.

We feel that there is a need for peace in the world, and the best place to start is at home. We make sure everything around you makes you feel good and at ease.

We focus on the root chakra, the base, the home, where life begins. It all starts from the ground, for us to plant good seeds we must be with love and positive feelings so that we can see good fruits come of our lives.

Our mission is to make sure YOU are at ease! FREE from the guilt of not helping the planet, FREE from the guilt of having a cleaner, FREE from the feeling of not having your life in control and most importantly FREE from the feeling of not having the time to be with yourself and your loved ones!


We promise you a designated cleaner of your liking, and we make it personal. We never miss a clean and simply make the magic happen. We do this with excellent personal communication and to make it easy for you, we take care of everything in a straightforward subscription payment.

We offer training systems for all our happy cleaner to take care and be conscious of their bodies, reasonable rates and a sense of community for them to feel part of a team.

We arrange monthly ‘Catch ups’ with your cleaner, and any issues you may have with your cleaner are dealt with smoothly and with immediate effect.

We search for friendly, efficient like-minded happy cleaners who share our values and ethos supporting them financially along their life path. In return, your home is taken care of with good energy, love and care.

We take pride in using local eco-friendly products at every clean, taking care of you and your cleaners health. We have our inhouse refilling service helping you do your bit for the planet by avoiding unnecessary waste.

When you join, you have access to Holistic tips and recommendations to better your life in every way possible. We open doors for YOU to become happier in your life, creating space and time for you to enjoy the things that really matter to you!