Little Miss Do it All Pricing

Please select your property size.

All prices are estimations based on average house sizes of existing clients. Every house and customer is different, so we always tailor our service to match your needs. Cleans every two-weeks are also available upon request, however we usually find that the minimum cleaning requirement for most households is once per week.


For people who just want a sparkling clean home


monthly fixed price | one clean per week | 1-2 bed flat

  • Cleaner Training and Health Programme
  • DBS Background Check
  • Insurance Cover
  • Personalised Match with Cleaner
  • Replacement cleaner guaranteed
  • Monthly Client Feedback
  • Cleaners One-to-One Catch Up
  • Spot Checks


If you want to reduce your impact on the environment


monthly fixed price | one clean per week | 1-2 bed flat

  • Includes everything in a Standard clean, plus:
  • Local Natural Products Provided
  • Special Offers on Other Local Green Products
  • Access to LMDIA Holistic Services


For people who want it all and more


monthly fixed price | one clean per week | 1-2 bed flat

  • Includes everything in a Go-Green clean, plus:
  • Personal Introduction to Your Cleaner
  • Monthly Extra Boosters (oven, fridge or blinds
  • Trimonthly 'Check & Cleans'


Optional Add Ons

Charged at an hourly rate of £21.50 or for the price of the product.


This can be added to your package or included as an ongoing weekly or fortnightly job. If you would like this task on an ad-hoc basis, just book in, and it will simply be debited from your account.

Tidy Ups

We take pride in our cleans as they are thorough, and there is a LMDIA standard. For us to be able to get the job done within your time frame, it is helpful before your clean that your home is tidy. This allows the cleaner to be able to focus all her time on cleaning. There is an Add On if you do not have the time to tidy beforehand and are needing extra help.

Extra Boosters

If you wish your cleaner to spend extra time on the oven or have a deeper clean in the fridge, for example, things you would like done but simply don't get done within your regular clean you can benefit from our 'Extra Booster' Add On.

Local Green Products

Your cleaner will provide local, environmentally friendly products to your clean. This is included in the Go Green and Golden Packages. They will cover all areas of your home. You will need to provide the right tools which will be discussed in the initial assessment.


Negative energy can become trapped in all sorts of areas of the home. Smudging releases that negativity and restores a sense of harmony and peace to your home. We offer two smudging options, either with sage smoke or bells. Both work effectively, however sage will fill your home with a beautiful refreshing fragrance.

Check and Cleanse

This will include a full report of the performance of your cleaner and the report will be accessible for you to view plus a complimentary smudge of your home. The option of having the Check Report without the Smudging is also available upon request.